Midtown East foot arthritis

Midtown East Foot Arthritis

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Treating arthritis of the foot and ankle in Midtown East

Stiff joints have you feeling like the tin man? Creaking with every turn and mild squeeze—definitely no fun. Sounds like you’re dealing with a pretty severe case of arthritis. Maybe back in the day you’d be justified in feeling hopeless. Today? Modern medicine has your back. Swing by Foot Associates New York soon for proper care of Midtown East foot arthritis.

If you’re only vaguely certain about whether or not you’re suffering from arthritis, or if you’re just dealing with sore muscles, your best bet is to see a professional. With that said, you should definitely look out for any combination of the following symptoms: decreased range of motion, swelling, redness, stiffness, and pain. Definitely don’t sit around hoping for the best—see a specialist, pronto. You might be wondering what the primary causes of arthritis are. Two exist. Osteoarthritis, the first kind, is a condition involving the wearing out of joint cartilage. A large reduction of cartilage eventually results in bones grinding on bones, which greatly restricts movement and causes severe pain. Rheumatoid arthritis (the second kind), occurs when the synovial membrane (the lining of the joint capsule) is attacked by the immune system, resulting in swelling and inflammation. Left untreated, cartilage and the bone within the joint can eventually be destroyed. Age, family history, and sex are all risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing arthritis. If you do, don’t shy away from swinging by Foot Associates New York and overcome your Midtown East foot arthritis.

You always have a choice—even when you feel like you don’t. Someone out there has your back. And you’ll find all the support and care you need at Foot Associates New York. Through us, you’ll finally be able to shuck the crippling grip of arthritis. Schedule an appointment with us soon (preferably now) to be well on your way to overcoming Midtown East foot arthritis.

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