Foot surgeon in New York NY

Foot Surgeon in New York NY

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If you are experiencing bunion pain, you should visit us at Foot Associates New York. Our expert foot surgeon in New York NY, just one of whom is Dr. Tzvi Bar-David, can provide you with bunion surgery to ease this painful foot problem.

When a patient has a bunion, they have what appears to be a protruding bump on the side of the big toe. This bump actually is an area where the long bone of the big toe joint has been reshaped, and the bone causes the bulge. Some people have bunions just about their entire life and never are really bothered by them. For other people, a bunion can become very painful, and make it impossible for them to find shoes that fit properly, or to walk comfortably. When a patient has a bunion, over time arthritis can set in. Bunions can even cause the alignment of other toes to develop problems, hampering a patient’s normal walking activities. Bunions are also known to cause hammertoes which may also need foot surgery in order to be treated. There are several treatments available for patients with bunions, which may help to alleviate foot pain. Prescription foot orthotics and cortisone injections can be successful in helping to reduce foot pain. There is no treatment that can actually make a bunion smaller, however, there are ways that a bunion can be removed during foot surgery. Our foot surgeon in New York NY will be happy to examine your particular bunion situation and let you know what types of bunion surgeries are available to you. Bunion surgery can restore proper alignment of your toe, and even improve your quality of life since pain will be eliminated. One bunion procedure that we perform is a bunionectomy. This surgery is performed under sedation at our local hospital. The procedure is completely pain-free, and most of our patients are able to walk immediately after the procedure, wearing a protective foot boot.

For an appointment to meet with our foot surgeon in New York NY for complete bunion care, contact us today.

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