Diabetic foot care Midtown East

Diabetic Foot Care Midtown East

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Type one and type two diabetes make you vulnerable to side-effects and complications. Your feet can be suffer consequences as a result. At Foot Associates New York, our priority is to keep your feet healthy under all circumstances. And since diabetes may lead to pain, deformities, and even the loss of a foot entirely, it is a good idea to come in and see our podiatrist on a regular basis.

Fluctuations in your blood sugar may cause you to have neuropathy, or nerve damage. Blood flow to your feet can become slowed, and you will become less capable of noticing pain or changes in temperature in your feet. Frequent self-checks are highly recommended, because you could have blisters, an infection, or some kind of injury and not be aware of it. Dry skin, as well as cracking and peeling, is not uncommon. Your nerves regulate the moisture in your skin. We mentioned deformities earlier, and that is something that our diabetic foot care in Midtown East manages with special therapeutic shoes that will assist in your feet keeping their natural form. Some of the other symptoms that are associated with diabetes and your feet are thick calluses, which might develop into ulcers. Blood vessels sometimes narrow and harden, further hindering your circulation and making it more difficult for your body to fight infections in your feet. So what can you do about all this? For one thing, seek out our diabetic foot care in Midtown East once per year or whenever you notice a problem. Try to quit smoking, maintain a nutritious diet, exercise to boost your circulation, and follow the recommendations of your primary doctor or diabetes specialist.

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