Diabetic foot care in Midtown

Diabetic Foot Care in Midtown

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Podiatrist office in Midtown

Patients who have diabetes are very susceptible to other health problems. Their feet are especially vulnerable. Therefore, they need to see a professional podiatrist like ours at Foot Associates New York for special diabetic foot care in Midtown.

Uncontrolled diabetes can damage the nerves in the feet and the legs. This causes an inability to feel heat, cold or pain. This is called sensory diabetic neuropathy. Foot ulcers also can occur because of the nerve damage. Our expert podiatrist at Foot Associates New York is fully equipped to handle your special diabetic foot care in Midtown. You’ll be in excellent hands with our doctors. Our podiatrists have the expertise and training to provide the exceptional podiatric care you need and deserve. Our podiatrists are fully equipped to handle all your podiatric care needs. Our compassionate, highly skilled doctors take the time to listen and respond and to counsel you on the best way to improve your health. You’ll receive the quality care you deserve and individualized attention from a team of dedicated, professional professionals at our high-quality podiatric practice. We offer a wide array of quality podiatric care services at our practice. Some of the most common services we offer our patients include but aren’t limited to: the diagnosis and treatment of: corns, bunions, hammertoes, calluses, ingrown nails, and fungal infections. We also provide diabetic foot care and make custom orthotics to treat painful conditions such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, neuromas and flat feet. We use the latest cutting-edge technology, equipment and techniques in our practice to make sure that our patients receive the best care. We have been successfully helping our patients for many years and look forward to the opportunity to help you too.

Call us to set up an appointment with our diabetic foot care in Midtown specialist today. We would like to welcome you to our practice and look forward to meeting you very soon.

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